Final Pocket revolution

Encoding the self and the body – Final Project

A series of posters/prints that form a collective on the censorship of the Female/Non-Binary Body on Social Media Link to RFP:

Archives – An on going library of bio-degradable conductive textiles made with brown seaweed.

As a creator in 2020, who always wondered the origin and disposable of the material I use and interact with, my preliminary re

A Body, Space, Time Process: 4,467 Knots (Final Project: Erin McQuarrie)

To be part of a collective history, we should trust in age old methods of textile making to provide solace, encode information

Motion Capture in Sound (Final Project: Hongci Hu)

It is an experiment of learning associations between visual and auditory stimuli. The project is completely made by E-textiles

Visualizing Data (final project: Chuyi Sun)

RFP Project description: Name: Visualizing Data  Keywords:  -Data recording  -social media -phone  -screen

CODED ISOLATION, Final Project by Sreeraghavi Mani

A modular fabric origami chamber-like structure that encapsulates the feeling of living in isolation, embellished with Morse c

Expression Curtain (Final Project: Liz Sandler)

For this project I will construct a window curtain panel that uses interactive lighting elements to create a form of artistic

Holding Soft Sounds (Final Project: Yue Zhang)

Project Description Keywords: haptic interface, soft sound, modularization Short Description: Holding Soft Sounds is a series

Invisible Essential (Final Project: Valerie Lin)

#textileExpression #healthData #cyborg #computingTextile As a work in progress, the interactive fabric will react to heart rat