Motion Capture in Sound (Final Project: Hongci Hu)

It is an experiment of learning associations between visual and auditory stimuli. The project is completely made by E-textiles. Combining the knits and circuits together, the designer wants to achieve a new structure on the body by mapping anatomically. The circuits and knits are sealed in bioplastic, in order to make the structure as a whole. As going through these motions, the net and the circuit delivers sensual/visual inputs to our auditory cortices. One fabric bend sensor is attached to each joint and flexible body part. As the person moving, body bends generate different sounds.

For this course, Computing Textiles, I want to continue work with this technology in a different variation. Not only triggering sounds by bending the sensors, but also tapping sensors for giving it pressure to trigger. So I created this circle weaving textiles by using what I have at home —— a water basin. This type of textile patch could be apply to body easily, so you can also trigger sound on your body except joints.

Practice Video Link:

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